Parents comments about Claire

Dearest Claire,

It is hard to know where to begin in thanking you.. our children are of course so precious to us and for five years you have cared for them so beautifully and poured your heart and soul into seeing them grow and learn.

Thank you for being so fantastic with them and for providing them with a home from home as well as with a place that offers them endless adventures, surprises and traditions.

At the very mention of a party at Claire's, they are beyond excited and they know to expect so much fun and security with you, it is just such a blessing for us as parents.

This leads me onto the role you have also played in our lives, as we consider you a close friend to us and you have been such a phenomenal support to us as we cautiously navigate the world of parenting and all its challenges. Thank you so much for all the times you have listened patiently and taken an interest in our woes and concerns - even when you have troubles of your own and many parents to speak with each week. I promise it has not gone unnoticed.

I don't think we will ever find anyone as dedicated, loving and inspiring at caring for our boys. I am sure our baby will enjoy hearing about the many adventures his brothers have had with you. We do very much hope that you will stay in touch and come to visit us, you are always very welcome and I know how much the boys will want to see you, as will we. We will be praying for you and know that God will continue to use you, to bless the children and families that he brings into your care, just as he has done with you in our life.

With all our love.

Sarah, Dan and boys.

Lorna and Dave

Just to say, for all the care, flexibility and support you have given us over this last couple of years helping me cope with pressures of caring for my parents, a massive THANK YOU. You're a friend for life.

Michelle and Iain

We would like to thank you for nine amazing years and the support you have given to our family.

We are very proud of our children and they would not be the polite, friendly, caring, inquisitive and well-rounded individuals we see today without all the love, guidance and attention you have provided during that time.

Sarah Cook

It has been an absolute privilege to get to know Claire as a childminder and now also as a friend. The level of care she provides is quite simply exceptional in every way.

She focuses on each child's individual needs and personality, and seeks to see them flourish, whilst somehow also creating a real family environment amongst children of different ages, so that they can all learn from each other in a positive way.

She provides support in relation to any and every aspect of your child's development, and has fantastic attention to detail when it comes to tracking their progress and thinking of ways to continually nurture them.

Every child she works with is given such variety in terms of experience and activities, and the thought and care that Claire puts into planning their days provides parents with the confidence that their child is part of a fantastic environment.

Amongst all the fun, they are also able to learn vital behavioural skills and are given really clear, age appropriate boundaries that make them feel safe.

Its has been an absolute joy to see our child grow and flourish under Claire's care.

Lorna and Dave

We have a house full of our daughter's creations. Drawings, paintings and records of the numerous places she has visited and enjoyed. She loves to tell us about what she has done with Claire and the rest of the children. She is happy, self confident, stimulated and eager to learn and above all curious. Claire feeds her curiosity and is so encouraging and positive.

Claire has continued to be supportive and vigilant in helping us to manage and improve her eczema. She is an only child and we had some concerns about the possibility of her finding it hard to be part of a group. NOT SO! Claire has ensured that she is brimming with self confidence and has a positive friendly attitude at all times.

Claire always makes time to let us know what she has been doing and she is a font of knowledge for anything child related.

Lorna and Dave

Massive congratulations on your outstanding recognition again. You're a true professional, loved and respected by so many. Well done with love.

Michelle and Iain

The children have learned a lot while in your care. We are constantly surprised at things they say, know and understand. They love outside learning, the display area and all the activities they get to do. Toby was ready for school and had learned to write his name thanks to Claire's preparation.

The consistency of care and Claire's nature make the children feel secure. They are very independent, healthy and emotionally well adjusted.

Gary and Laura

Our daughter loves learning with Claire. She is getting more confident with writing and now attempts to write her name. She says "I do writing at Claire's". She has overcome her initial issue with colours and Claire has helped her learn all her colours with confidence. She loves the different settings she experiences with Claire, she is learning how to interact with other children on a daily basis both with the other children in the setting and at the other locations.

We are fully confident she feels secure with Claire in all areas. She is always happy to be in the setting. Claire is always quick to notice when she may not be 100% and Claire lets us know of any illness or ailment promptly. She is always happy to be with Claire and we are confident Claire fully supports her emotionally. Claire has worked wonders with her temper and she is developing into a lovely little girl thanks to Claire's input.

We love every update from what she has done with Claire on a regular basis. We always feel informed as to what she has done each day at pick up and are informed of future plans for activities. Being with Claire for my daughter is like a second home whilst maintaining a professional approach.

Dawn and Martin

Our daughter is learning her seasons at the moment coming into autumn. She also enjoys the activity groups she goes to and we are more than happy with the development and the fact she can express herself through dress up, play or crafts.

She loves the other children, she loves her routine and her day is always packed with fun. We love the fact her day is planned out and she understands the day, i.e when it is lunch she washes her hands, when they go out they wait all together.

Claire always gives us the information we need on what our daughter has done on the day, if there was anything we need to know and informs us what she will be doing the next day. We are very happy with her care.

Lisa Walmsley

Claire has cared for my daughter Lola over the past 18 months. Claire has become a very good friend and good support to me and my family. In this time we have worked closely with Claire to work on the being 2 project, to closely monitor Lola's development and progress. Lola really enjoys the time she spends with Claire and the other children. There are different activities and groups every day which Lola like to tell me about when I collect her. Lola has thrived in Claire's care, she has really grown up to be a polite, sharing, considerate child and will certainly miss the care and love she receives from Claire.

Claire is a highly motivated, hardworking professional, any concerns from either party have been raised and dealt with promptly. I would highly recommend her services to any parent/carer requiring a child minder.

Your sincerely
Lisa Walmsely

Jayne Kyme

I have known Claire for over 5 years, she came highly recommended to me by a colleague who had used Claire's services for her own child. Claire looked after my granddaughter from the age of six months until she started school.

Claire has been a much valued input into Ellie's life, helping to mould her into a pleasant, thoughtful, polite and articulate child. I can categorically state that these attributes have been passed onto her by Claire. She is a professional, polite, punctual and friendly person with a wonderful way with children. Ellie is a credit to Claire's ability in this field of work.

I have no hesitation in recommending Claire's services to anyone else.

Yours faithfully

Jayne Kyme

Theresa Hyde

My son has been in the care of Mrs Claire Farrer for nearly 6 years since starting primary school.

He has been very happy during his time with Claire and the structured routine she provides has supported his development and given him stability.

What is very special about Claire, is that she caters for each child’s individual preferences. She provides a lovely home and plenty of inside and outside space, there are always planned activities to keep the children socialising and occupied and she uses local resources on a consistent basis to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are exploited to the benefit of the children.

Claire is flexible, trustworthy and reliable. She has a strong relationship with parents and works with them to resolve issues that may develop.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire to any other parent seeking childcare, I am glad we found her all those years ago, she has been an outstanding childminder.


Theresa Hyde

Carole and Steve Mawdsley

Thank you so much for the loving care and attention that you have bestowed upon Alex during the time you have looked after her. She will be truly sorry to leave tomorrow as she has enjoyed the whole experience. The holiday cover at Christmas time she particularly enjoyed, especially the trip to the space centre.

Steve and I have always had complete peace of mind leaving Alex in your very capable hands and would have no hesitation in recommending you to other parents or to repeat the contract again, should our circumstances require a childminder.

I know Alex will very much miss the good fun at Greendale Ave.

Thank you from all of us and our very best wishes for the future.

Kind regards Carole and Steve Mawdsley

Maggie and Malcolm Walker

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your fantastic effort. Robbie has had a lovely time with you and it is always a great relief for us as parents to know that he is entrusted to somebody who cares for him with such high standards.

It is always a worry to entrust your most treasured possessions to someone else and always a great relief when you know they are in the best of care.

Thank you so much and every best wish for the future.

Love Maggie and Malcolm Walker xxxx

Jacqueline Vesperinas

I wouldn’t have been able to do my job without you! I have great peace of mind knowing that Izzy has a real home from home to enjoy.

Much love and appreciation Jacqueline Vesperinas

Sylvia, Paul and Charlotte

We just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have done for and with Charlotte. We have seen her develop so much in your care and watched her personality develop and grow.

You have been far more than just a childminder. We have come to know you as a good friend as well. We will all miss you.

We would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone.

Well once again our heartfelt thanks and we wish you all the best for the future.

You truly deserve it!

Thanks Sylvia, Paul and Charlotte

Brent and Hilary Clarke

First of all may I take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and friendship over the past seven years.

Matthew has enjoyed his time in your care and has gained a great deal socially, developing in confidence and maturity with your guidance.

As he moves onto High School I feel sure that he will take these qualities and become independent, knowing that you are not far away if a little help is needed!

Thank you for your kindness and understanding

Yours sincerely

Brent and Hilary Clarke

Michelle, Robert and Ben

Thanks a million for the last year!

It’s wonderful having peace of mind at work, as I know he’s in such safe hands.

Love from Michelle, Robert and Ben xxx